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Portfolio Degree

We founded Portfolio Degree to help our members learn how to independently manage their portfolios.

We're not trying to teach you how to day trade or time the market. We're here to help you understand decades old academic methods that value stable wealth creation and help you minimize risk. 

We're here to teach you about the metrics investment professionals use when constructing their portfolios and how they make their decisions on what to include and by how much. We're also going to show you our research on what's actually worked over the years in order to help you understand how to define your own path.

How can you get started? All you have to do is sign up for a membership and you'll immediately have access to all of our training materials and our weekly reporting. We post new reports every Saturday and are always working on expanding and updating our offerings.

Thank you for taking the time to explore our site and get to know us. We're here to help and we just want people to feel more comfortable with their investments. It's a complicated field that touches everyone so the more you know the better. We've tried to specialize in the area of portfolio construction and stick to what we've researched.


There is always more to learn and we highly encourage our members to seek out as much advice as possible before making any investment decisions. Having a good investment professional to work with and bounce ideas off of will only help build better long term strategies and further align your investments with your goals. 

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Matt Franklin TV Headshot

Get to Know Matt

Matt's obsession with investment finance started while he was working on his MBA. He's always been interested in wealth management and wanted to find a way to help everyone understand the methods professionals use.

After spending 10 years developing computer models and testing the academic methods, he arrived at the training materials and reporting available in the Materials area of this site.

These materials are designed to help you translate complex financial trading methodologies into simple methods that are easy to understand and are designed to help you build confidence in managing your portfolio. 

We are not day traders and these are not get rich quick tips. These are the methods the professionals use, simplified to make them easier to follow and understand.


Our goal is to help you learn how to ask financial professionals better questions and to help you understand what you need to know in order to have the freedom to independently manage your portfolio. 

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